Loopy Water

Just a bit here about water on the Loopy Loops. There is abundant surface water, its been a flowing summer so most creeks are running. I’m not going to list all the water sources as there are too many to count. I will point out a couple dry sections.

From Start in town, thru Hartmans is dry till we cross S. Beaver Crk @~mile 12.

From Beaver Crk/RD726 @~mile 28.5 once we climb out of this valley I’m not sure of many water sources till we hit Little Mill Crk@~mile 46. Although it is very possible there are some small creeks that I’m not remembering.

From there water crossings happen fairly often, I’d dare to guess every 4-5 miles, so water is pretty easy till…

The last section from Fossil Ridge/Beaver Mcintyre, is mostly dry once you do the big last climb out. There is water sometimes next to the CT Spur Singletrack in the creek along Lost Canyon Rd, also sometimes a tiny spring next to trail in trees. After that the high sage road to Signal section is dry, but also pretty fast, so town and cold drinks are not far away.

I’m taking three bottles, 1/.75L, 2/.65L, so 2.3 Liters as my water capacity. 2 to 3 Liters should be plenty for most, some could do as little as 2 bottles, but do some research!

If anyone has specific questions about water or anything else, feel free to let me know.



Two Weeks Till We Loopy

Howdy Folks!


That’s right we are just two weeks away from go time for the Gunny Loopy Loop.

Starts in Gunnison, August 31st, 4:AM.

I’m including links to the Shortie and Biggie Maps, from Plotaroute you can convert right there to GPX file and then use Topofusion, Base Camp or another program upload to a GPS. Maps are more or less set and finalized at this point.

Shortie Loopy Loop Map

Biggie Loopy Loop Map

Trackleaders sign up can be found here: https://form.jotform.com/trackleaders/loopyloop19

Lots of info right here, scroll on down for route descriptions, full route cues, and pictures.

If you have questions, please let me know. Hope some folks can make this happen as it is gonna be special.


Biggie Details

Got out to ride a bit of the Biggie Loop. The section that we rode was Tin Cup Intercept Trail, Tin Cup Pass, Tunnel Lakes Trail, Alpine Tunnel Road. High Alpine riding, so gorgeous up there, also kinda crazy in spots. I’m gonna go over what I remembered, relearned and discovered today!


Tin Cup Intercept Trl. This is the first/grassy/cairns marked section, not sure it would be visible at all at night! Faint tread/backslope, and a few cairns is all.


More of the grassy section of Tin Cup Intercept, looking towards Napoleaon Pass where Biggie riders will traverse from.


Snow Plus Atop Tin Cup Intercept, was passable, could be gone by August 31?!?!


Just below Snow Plug, Thru the Notch, begin traverse/Willow section.


Willow sidehill section on TC Intercept. I flagged it pretty good as it is very vague in spots, look for orange flags in the willows. Be careful, its thin.


TC Intercept hits an old double track coming off the top of Tin Cup Pass, turns right and heads down to this gate, easiest go left around high side. Closed to motor vehicles. Pictured in the background is a switchback on Tin Cup Pass, head down pass.


Start of Tunnel Lakes Trail, just after you turn Right off Tin Cup Pass.


Tunnel Lakes trail, magic stuff out there, magic.



Start of Alpine Tunnel Road, good road built into a cliffside and there are a few rock slides onto the road and a couple washouts, descend with caution, Remember to turn left onto Tomichi Pass at first switchback.


Rock Slide on Alpine Tunnel Road, easily passable, but beware of the drop to your right!!!


Last Bit of the Loopy.

Here’s a bit of the last 6 miles of both Loopy Loops. These are all part of the Signal Peak Trail System, some are marked, some not. All well ridden and documented on MTBProject and such. Signal Trails start on North Woods,(Not shown) to Shoestring, to Ridge/doubletrack, to Rasta Gulch, to Contour, to Old Gunny Spur of the CT bits to WCU Campus. 0507C156-E637-499A-A9AE-6EE610CEB791


Shoestring Trl


More Shoestring


Top of “Rasta Gulch” Hard left onto single track from Ridge doubletrack. Turn Right at bottom onto Contour trail.


A little bit more single track, old Gunny Spur of the CT


WCU Campus, take any route thru town, you made the Loop!

Gunny Loopy Loop

Howdy Loopy Loopers!

We are still on. Still August 31st, 4:AM start in Gunny.

I’m a bit behind on some on the ground, route checking for a couple sections of the Biggie Loop, but the Shortie is set to jet. I’ll get GPX links up ASAP, but route maps are available here.

Shortie Loop Route Map:https://www.plotaroute.com/route/874802?units=miles

Biggie Loop Route Map: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/874748?units=miles

Trackleaders is also available for anyone interested. I’m not requiring it, but it is fun.


There will be an unofficial gathering Friday night before the race, I’ll let y’all know where as we get a bit closer.

Let me know if anyone has questions, I’ll do my best to get you up to speed.

Life is Crazy

Hot damn my life is crazy.

Got married last weekend, its was great. The monsoon pattern tipped just enough in our favor, the sky cleared and we had a lovely ceremony and a great party filled with family and friends. So much good food, lovely people, lots of beer and champagne, and dancing! Such good times!

Since life is back to normal, I mean crazy. Working two jobs, so up at 6:AM one day, 3:AM the next, then 4:AM again and again, 10 hour days, 15 hour days, working so hard it makes my head spin. All those days I come home to baby duty, which is a serious job in of itself. There isn’t much down time, there just isn’t much Time At All. Things like riding my bike, stretching, and sleeping have gotten chomped up and spit out into tiny little slices that sometimes never happen. I am often grumpy, exhausted and stiff as a board. It Is Hard.

I also love my girls so much, and the love is so strong it threads its way into my bones, becoming a part of me. I can’t imagine going back to living my life as selfishly as I once did. Life has changed that is for sure, mostly it is a change that I welcome and embrace, but damn it is hard.

Sometimes the hardest part is trying to do something other than work, baby, and maybe sleep. But I’m not really the type to be ok with just that. I need to try harder to squeeze in bike rides, yoga sessions(even if just a few minutes), dog walks, and also still dreaming some dreams! I’ve had dark moments when I though about giving up on big bike rides, races and the Loopy Loop, but I have to keep trying to make it all happen. Even if sleeping gets sacrificed, I’m not gonna just eat, sleep, work.

So the Loopy Loop is still on, still August 31st at 4:AM in Gunny. I might not get the routes perfectly mapped and GPS’ed, I might not be able to flash the route as I wanted, but we are on. The routes are sweet, brutal slices of Gunny High Country. I’m so excited, hope some of you are too. So much gorgeous terrain, amazing trails, and so much ass kicking, its gonna be damn crazy good times!



Party Ride


Yesterday I threw myself a bachelor party. Just me and my Walty single speed with miles and miles of trails and roads ahead of my front tire. It was so gorgeous out there, the flowers and hillsides sang with the glory of summer. The weather was fairly solid with only a bit of rain drops and dark sky obscuring the otherwise a perfect blue glow. The trails were mostly dry and clear, with only a handful of other users out there. Damn near perfect conditions for a big one.


Still it was a tough day.


Turns out only riding consistently once a week doesn’t do much for ones fitness. My mind knows how to make this body work, so I got it done, but oh how it hurt. My legs were filled with lead, hot burning lead. My back was filled with rocks that only got sharper and sharper with every climb and descent, and my hands became clumsy and painful blocks of flesh with all the rowdy trail riding. Choosing my single speed may not have been smart, but once this ride came to light I started craving simplicity.


I have been burning to ride big and long, I do miss the time to get on the bike and ride all day. There is such wonderful meditation to be found out pedaling your bicycle for hours and hours on end and nothing brings all my mental loose ends together like a lot of saddle time. It was a great day to contemplate and reflect on this crazy life and the many changes, ups and downs that are coming at me. In the normal everyday existence I tend to get frustrated and end up feeling restrained and unable to keep everything that has changed in perspective. Getting way out there, all by myself, and putting a bit of suffering into the mix, really brings a whole lot of clarity to my head.


The result is a whole new appreciation for this life I am living. I am so incredibly excited to get married this coming Saturday to my best friend. I am overwhelmed with joy and wonder; watching, learning, teaching, and growing with my daughter. Its hard to find the right balance, its is also hard to let go of the old former life. I do miss these long all day solo rides, I used to do them quite often. Yet yesterday on my ride, I missed my family. I could picture Lilly’s laughing face, I could hear Rach singing sweetly to her. I loved being out there, pressing my body hard against my limits, feeling the raw power of being outside, taking in the mountains, but I could hardly wait to get home and see, hear, and touch my loved ones.


Life isn’t easy and finding the right balance is a challenge that might never feel completed. Sometimes it is exhausting how much work it is to keep things on an even keel and out of the red. Much like love, life isn’t ever gonna be easy, the task is never done, it is constant effort, work, and dedication that keeps in going in a positive direction. Hot Damn it is sometimes so Hard! And sometimes its a party you throw for yourself, alone out in the woods.