Colorado Trail Race Records

Here’s is the current record holders, times and years. Records are only considered for the latest course, 2013-current. Times are off Trackleaders. I am posting these as to the best of my knowledge, for example I do not always know if someone has gears or not, and sometimes gender isn’t obvious, if anyone has a legit dispute please let me know.

South/West: Male: Neil Beltchenko, 3:19:50, 2016 ITT.

Female: Alexandera Houchin 6:02:33 2022 (SS)

SS: Timon Fish, 4:06:39, 2018

North/East: Male: Jesse Jakomait, 3:20:44, 2015

Female: Alexandera Houchin, 6:01:34, 2019 (SS!)

SS: Cookie Mike, 4:20:31, 2019