2021 Gunny Loopy Biggie Loop Cues

Here’s the cues for 2020 Biggie Loop

Final draft of the 2020 Biggie Loopy Loop Cues. All Milages Are Approximate. I would suggest using a GPX track as well as the cues for reference. GPX tracks and map can be found here biggie map and GPS data

Any route thru Gunny is fine, just end up on Airport Rd to CR39, Bike Path to Mergilman Pond, Then CR38/Gold Basin Rd. Grand Depart will have a Neutral Group Start to CR38.

As road begins to climb look for large dirt parking lot on right @~4 miles. Welcome to Hartman’s Rocks. *****(Best to preview the trails the route takes so as to make the many turns smoother)****

Climb Jacks Trail, starts just past bathroom. Hartmans section is basically going Jacks, Becks, Rocky Ridge, Broken Shovel, BLM3565 to 3550, to Back In, BLM 3575 to Outback, BLM3550 down to Skull By Pass. Cross Beaver Creek on bridge, Aberdeen Access Trail to East Aberdeen, to BLM3054 to Pole Creek Rd, To Willow Creak Rd3043, to HWY149, to Hwy 50 going East.

@~mile28.5 turn Left Onto N Beaver Creek RD/726, steep gravel road above trailer home, climb, drop into drainage, turn right on FS726 and climb for a while, like 16 miles!

Stay on main road, climb forever. Top out in one of my favorite spots, Holy Smokes!!! Roll along for bit, road dead ends@~mile45, look for vague FS Trail Little Mill Crk dropping off to the right thru the grass into the dark timber. Descend Steeply, super rugged and fun descent. T with Canal Trail, turn left, pass beaver pond/erosion. After less than a half a mile look for a trail dropping off to the right. Descends steeply for about a mile to Mill Creek RD3118, take right, all the way to paved Ohio Creek Rd/CR730 @mile 52, turn left and head north on good paved road. Pavement Ends, Continue straight/North on towards Ohio Pass on RD 730. Look for great little spring on your right, ~mile 59.4, after a small downhill, still on wide gravel road, tucked in a bit, but hard to miss. As of 7/19/21 This SPRING HAS TESTED POSITIVE FOR E COLI.

Begin the climb up Ohio Pass, @ mile 67.8, just before steep switchback look for dirt road going off to the right/east, Carbon Creek Road. Take Road to Carbon Creek Trail. Take Carbon Creek to Baxter’s Gulch, Climb/Descend to HWY 135, Turn Left, Descend into Crested Butte @~mile 75. Take any route thru CB. You will exit Crested Butte on Butte Ave, to the Lower Loop. Take the Road, to the Lower Loop Singletrack. Don’t stress, any Route out to Gunsight Bridge is fine. Cross Bridge, Climb Up to Slate River RD734, turn Left/North and climb. Climb switchbacks, continue on 734 to Paradise Divide and then onto 317. Climb up to top of Scholfield Pass, @~mile 89 take Trl 401, climb and descend back to Rustlers Gulch317.3c and out to Gothic RD317. Take Main Rd/Gothic RD/317 all the way to Mt. Crested Butte. @~mile 102.5 Take Treasury Rd to Emmons RD to MT CB base area. Climb single track, Lower West Side, just past/below ski lifts. (Any route to Hunter Hill Rd is Fine.) To Hunter Hill Access Trl, To Hunter Hill RD to Upper Upper Trl, Stay Left on main trail, lots of user trails in area. Take Upper Upper/Bridges all the way to Brush Creek RD 738. Either Old Upper Upper or Bridges are acceptable to get to Brush.

@~mile 107.5 Take Brush Creek Rd 738, @~mile 112.4, look for single track going straight at switchback, “death Pass/trl409.1a” take trail, staying on Road is fine, but longer, more climbing. At~114+mile, turn Right onto Block n Tackle Trail 545, take BNT trail up and over to Cement Crk Trail 612, go Right/South. @~123miles hit Cement Creek Road at switchback, turn Left, Cross Creek on Bridge and Climb. After less than .5 mile, turn off Road onto wide single track “short cut” to Reno Road. Hit Reno Road, turn Right & Climb to top. @mile~127, hit top, look for Flag Creek Trl422, straight ahead dropping off other side. Descend! Hit intersection in trees, turn Right, drop and cross creek. Now on Bear Creek TRl 415. Climb trail to dead end road, take road back onto Bear Creek Trail 415 part II, descend! @136 miles hit 3 way intersection. Turn Left/South onto lower Deadmans, descend crossing the creek many times. Hit intersection with Rosebud Trl, turn left and cross gate and creek get onto rough rocky road744.2c, for about a mile.

@T with Spring Crk Road 744, turn Left and climb slightly on wide gravel road. @mile141, turn Right onto Rocky Brook RD 748, soon climb a bit more steeply. @~144miles, almost to the top of climb, turn Right onto Dustin Gulch RD746, then Matchless Trl413, .5 mile later. Climb Matchless Trl to DR’s Park Trail @Mile146.5, turn Left onto Dr’s Trl424. Climb and descend N/E towards Dinner Station/Taylor Park. Cross Taylor River on Bridge. Take Trl 600 along a few campground areas, paralleling the main road on your Left. T into Taylor Rd 742, turn Right/South for about a mile, turn Left onto FS RD 671, can be gated. Climb 671, good road for quite a while, gets steeper, rockier towards the top.

Road 671 ends, steep trail continues towards Timberline trail, Climb, Hike a Bike!!! take Right/South onto Timberline Trl 414, roll along. Look for easy to miss intersection with Texas Ridge Trl 571. Take Texas Ridge Trl, faint at times, but so much fun! Eventually T into Road, go Left onto 755.1C, curves around and drops to Texas Creek Rd 755, turn Right onto 755, take indirect road out to Taylor Rd 742, turn Left/South. Take 742 to Taylor Park Trading Post, Resupply!

Head towards Tin Cup on wide gravel/packed road, FR765/CR55. Busy road with lots of everything motorized on it, be nice! @Mile 183 hit tiny old mining town of Tin Cup. Route continues south out of town on FR765.

@Mile 187 Look for CR765N just past Tin Cup Cemetery/Middle Willow Crk Rd/Continue on FSR953/FT540/Napoleon Pass Rd, turn Right and Climb Pass. Stay Left as roads fork off. Water, lots of water, also very Steep!!! At top of pass look for really steep, stupid steep OHV trail going straight up and to the east. Climb to first bench, look for vague trail on the left. Tin Cup Intercept! This is a very faint trail, it is on MTBproject if you want a preview. Follow faint trail/cairns around hillside, thru pass and over to Tin Cup Pass. This trail is skinny and barely there, and so freaking cool! T into Tin Cup Pass Rd/267, descend to @~mile191, look for trail headed off to the Right/West, Tunnel Lakes/CDT/TRL1439. Take Trail to Alpine TunnelTRL/839, Descend past Tunnel on old railroad grade, Road washed out in spots.

@~Mile199.5, the Alpine Tunnel RD switchbacks hard right, Turn Left Instead!!! and Climb to Tomichi Pass. Pass is washed out, use caution crossing scree fields. Climb! Descend other side of Tomichi Pass for just a bit, look for Canyon Crk Trl on the Right. Take Trail, Hike a bike up to 12,578′!!!! Top Out @~Mile202.3. Descend Canyon Creek Trail. @~Mile 212 Canyon Creek Trl Turns and climbs out of drainage. Instead stay in drainage and follow old trail along creek for another mile or so, turn left and hike out along fence line. Both routes out of Canyon Crk are fine, but the old trail is nicer!

@~Mile212.7 Hit RD888/White Pine RD, Turn Right onto wide gravel road. @~Mile215.5, turn hard left and begin climbing Old Monarch Pass. Good, but long climb up to the Divide! @~Mile225 Top Out on Old Monarch. Descend a Tiny Bit of the other side, look for trail on Right/South. Take Trl 531/MonarchRidge Trl from Old Monarch to Monarch Pass. Drop onto HWY50, Cross HWY carefully and climb to Gondola. (possible food in Crest building!) Take Crest Trail/CDT from just above the Gondola. Stay on Crest Trail all the way to Agate Creek Trail484. Descend!!!, Cross a million creeks, get wet, be happy! Take Agate all the way, Climb out to HWY 50. Descend HWY50, be careful!!!

Pass RD 888 on right, just before a CDOT shed, look for right turn @~Mile246, leave HWY50, Climb RD819, Daly Gulch. (Sargents just 1 mile off route, further on HWY 50.) Look for Trail 537/Quakey Mtn Trl on Right, Take Trail to Black Sage Pass/RD 887. Descend Pass west Towards Waunita Park. Look For Road 763/Waunita Pass Rd. Climb Up and Over Pass to Pitkin. Any path thru Pitkin is ok. But leave on main/Paved CR76 towards Ohio City. @~Mile274.1 hit Ohio City, Turn Right and Climb Gold Creek RD/771 all the way to Gold Creek Campground. Rejoin Shortie Loop.

Pass Campground on right, continue straight /North on rough rocky single track. After about .5 mile, go left on Fossil Ridge Trl478. Climb and climb, then roll and descend and climb, over and over. Rough, rugged and beautiful. After long rolling descent into McIntyre Gulch, stay Right, then look for Beaver/McIntyre Trl 472, a rolling 4wheeler Trl. T into One Mile RD 586, turn Left and climb. Top out on nice saddle. Descend Lost Canyon Rd743 for just .5 of a mile!!! At unmarked/gated road intersection look for faint trail paralleling main road on other side of creek, just past green gate. Old Gunnison Spur of the CT. Descend fun/faint old cow trail. Hit Road, go straight across and follow along on fence line trail. Top out and hop wire gate @~mile300, Look for Road604.1a just to the right. Descend. At T, turn Right, then immediately left and climb up to ridge. Stay on ridge/Signal Mesa on good BLM road 3108.

@mile~303, look for North Woods Trail to drop off to the right. Take marked & well used trail. Cross roads many times, stay on trail(s) North Woods to Shoestring. @mile~305.7 merge with double track onto ridge, follow doubletrack for about 1.4 miles, after steep descent look for trail dropping off ridge to the Left/South, Rasta Gulch. Descend, T into Contour Trail 3213, go Right, follow, then drop down old road, look for bit of trail dropping to another road, cross fence onto WSCU’s campus. Take any path thru town back to IOOF park. Congrats, you have Loopy Looped!