2021 CTR Update 6/15/21

Howdy CTR Fans! It is June, the snow is melting/melted?, the days are hot, there are a ton of people in the mountains, and the 2021 Colorado Trail Race is just a few weeks away! So here is an update to bring you all up to speed.

Trackleaders sign up will open on June 25th. Remember that we want to keep the group start under 75 riders. The reason is to keep the group start from impacting other trail users beyond the first few hours. So if you want to be tracked and at the group start sign up early on Trackleaders. If you sign up and can’t make it, please remove your name to make room for someone else. If you really want to be at the group start and not be tracked, contact me after June 25th.

Individual Time Trials, ITT’s are welcome at any time and can use the same Trackleaders sign up if wanting to be tracked. No Rush!

GPX File will be up and running by June 25th as well. Please Stand By.

Covid restrictions are more or less lifted in Colorado, but there are still folks getting sick. Travel safe, be courteous, wash your hands a lot. If you are unsure about being in relative proximity to others at the start, then consider an ITT, or wear a mask. I don’t think there are any mandates for facial coverings, but not a bad idea to have a buff or something along with. All this could change, but lets us hope not!

Lastly it has been a hot and dry spring and summer so far in Colorado and much of the West, therefor fires are already a concern and could be an issue if we do not get some rain soon. I am not going to create any fire reroutes if any such needs arise, simply not practical nor safe. If there is a major fire impacting the course, the race will be postponed or cancelled. Let us all hope for some rain before July. Hope you are all as excited as I am about hitting the CT this summer. Still time to ask questions and do research, it is free and is worth the effort. Good luck with your training and prep, the mountains are calling!