2022 CTR Group Start is Full!

Group Start is limited to 74 riders, initial sign up will be limited to 66 riders to leave room for untracked riders, etc. I will do my best to keep a waitlist for those not able to get in for the group start. If you get in and end up not being able to make the start, please edit/cancel your submission and make room for someone else.

Please read a few reminders:

There is a box on the Trackleaders sign up you must check in order to complete the form. By clicking this box you are acknowledging that you 100% know and understand the rules, and that you plan on being 100% responsible for yourself on the CT. Please do not just click the box, know the rules and ethos of this ride before you set out. If you are unwilling to abide by this, please just ride the CT and do not take part in the CTR, please do not try and compare your ride to that of others following these rules: https://jwookieone.com/colorado-trail-race/colorado-trail-race-rules/

Tracking is there to keep track of racers and their progress, not to enable spot stalking. Riders please advise your family and friends Not to Visit You on Course! While a very small amount of un-planned visitation is not cause for relegation from the race, it is also not the point of the tracking or within the ethos of this race. Save the meet ups and cold drinks for the finish line! Also let folks at home know to Not Call Search and Rescue or the local Sheriff if your spot/device doesn’t move for a bit. Have protocols in place so your family and friends know you are safe. Do not use the SOS button on your device unless you are in grave danger, self rescue is expected of all riders.

Riders not wanting to be tracked, contact me and I will try and save you spot.

All riders must validate your ride, Trackleaders makes that easy, if you are not wanting to be tracked you must prove that you rode every inch of the trail. Either submit a track created during your ride, or send me lots of pictures with accurate time stamps. This is the riders responsibility, including knowing how to use your device and keeping it running, fresh batteries, etc.

Consider donating to the Colorado Trail Foundation! They do lots of good work keeping this amazing trail alive and available to so many: https://coloradotrail.org/donate-colorado-trail-foundation/

One last thing, remember to be nice and have fun! It is a hard ride, don’t be too hard on yourself, smile and chat with others out on the trail, enjoy this life changing adventure!

Hi Point!