2022 Colorado Trail Race

Howdy everyone in Colorado Trail Land!

2022 CTR Update, as of July 8th, 2022. 

Group Start is still 4:AM, August 14th, Denver Audubon Nature Center, just before Waterton Canyon TH. Waterton Canyon Trailhead Parking is closed till 7:AM.

Registration for the Group Start and Trackleaders will open next week, July 14th. Limited to 74 riders, initial Trackleaders sign up will be limited to 66 riders to save room for un-tracked riders and a few RD discretionary spots. ITT’s are welcome, preferably on a day other than the race. 

All prospective riders, especially rookies, please do your research, learn as much about the trail and the experiences of other riders out there as you can. Last year 43 riders finished and 40 riders scratched, this is including ITT’s. That is pretty dismal, trust me doing some research and making time to practice will make the ride more fun and successful.

Know the rules, they are spelled out here: https://jwookieone.com/colorad…/colorado-trail-race-rules/

Do It Yourself, plain and simple. Remember this is an unsupported ride, each rider is 100% responsible for themselves. That is right 100% responsible for themselves!!! From food, water and bike repair to navigation, documentation and self-rescue. Do not go into this ride under prepared and place the burden of that on anyone else. The result of all rider’s actions will have an influence on the future of this race, please be aware of that and act accordingly. 

Be Nice and be good trail users!!! Yield to hikers, don’t drop trash, bury your poop, did I mention yield to hikers! You are not more important than anyone else out there!

There is still plenty of time to learn more and add to your kit, adjust your expectations, time splits, etc. Also time to ask questions, there is a lot of experience out there, but do some googling and reading first.

Everyone stay safe and healthy!!!