Past Results, 2012 back to 2007


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2012 CTR Results: US-285 Detour and Tenmile/Coney/Cataract Segments, Waterton Canyon Start
3d23h38m – Jefe Branham (New Course Record!!!)
4d02h25m – Ethan Passant
4d02h39m – Jesse Jakomait
4d19h44m – Max Nuttelman
4d22h03m – Matt Schiff, Dan Miller-Lionberg
5d02h49m – Chris Miller
5d07h20m – Fred Hankinson
5d10h15m – Kurt Sandiforth
5d10h20m – Cat Morrison
5d11h39m – Joseph Shults
5d14h41m – George Lapierre, Travis Wildeboer
5d19h24m – Les Handy
6d05h07m – Alan Goldsmith
6d08h35m – Jeffrey Rank
6d08h55m – Becky Sears
6d09h04m – Tim James
6d09h18m – Kurt Ireland
6d14h35m – Ian Altman, Anthony Arena
6d16h45m – Paul Bosworth
7d04h46m – Toby Gadd
7d13h50m – Dominic Lauzier
7d14h41m – Calvin Davenport
8d02h43m – Tom Kavanaugh, John Harness
8d09h20m – Jeremy Plum
9d06h24m – Mark Caminiti
9d14h00m – Dave Kirk
10d11h10m – Jason OsborneDid Not Finish:I stopped listing DNFs for the last 2 years because it was getting too hard to keep track of them all. There are 30+ more not listed, but

Chris Neumann’s story needs to be told. He was 15 miles from Junction Creek TH when things went horribly wrong.

2012 CTR ITT Results:
4d20h50m – David Picket-Heaps
4d21h00m – David Wilson
5d16h51m – Kurt Refsnider
6d14h13m – Kevin Camp
7d10h38m – Dan Hickstein (Rode Dgo –> Den)
7d23h11m – Steve Lacey
8d08h15m – Glen Meader, Wayne Keith
8d10h52m – Mark Allen
8d?? – Chad Parker
9d00h55m – Curtis Burge (Rode the ’07-’08 course)
9d05h03m – Tom Karpeichik
9d08h56m – Simon Suster
10d8h00m – Jennifer Wolfson
2011 CTR Results: US-285 Detour and Tenmile/Coney/Cataract Segments, Indian Creek Start
A short note on finish times.
4d11h54m – Kevin Thomas
4d17h58m – Garrett Peltonen
4d20h51m – Zach Guy
5d05h15m – Jarral Ryter
5d05h27m – Eszter Horanyi
5d07h40m – Jerry Oliver
5d09h00m – John Fulton
5d13h28m – Andrew Carney, Steve Carney
5d14h40m – Cat Morrison
5d14h55m – Joey Ernst, John Ross
5d15h44m – Shawn Gregory
5d18h14m – Aaron Weinsheimer
5d18h19m – Todd Johnson, Chris Miller, Jordan Carr
5d23h00m – James Lindenblatt
5d23h02m – Steve Wilkinson
6d09h59m – Jesse Palmer
6d11h26m – John Fettis
6d12h07m – Jeremy Noble
6d14h36m – Tim Halbakken
7d07h34m – Matt Porembski, Pete Schuster
7d17h02m – Jill Hueckman
8d02h24m – Jonathan Edwards, Andy Heading, Steve Heading
8d05h16m – Bart Spedden
8d09h27m – Brett Ebben
9d10h16m – Clark Davidson
9d11h42m – Marco Capote, Zach Allen
9d14h00m – Chuck Janecek
10d13h09m – Fred Grinnan
10d12h50m – Josh Enck
2011 CTR ITT Results:
6d23h21m – Dan Hickstein
7d14h14m – Ian Altman
9d03h09m – Joe Brannan (Joe rode SW —> NE)
10d16h59m – Eddie Turkaly (Eddie rode SW —> NE)


2010 CTR Results: US-285 Detour and Tenmile/Coney/Cataract Segments, Indian Creek Start
4d13h35m – Ethan Passant
4d15h05m – Jesse Jakomait
5d02h10m – Jefe Branham
6d05h30m – Eszter Horanyi
6d08h05m – Timothy Kugler
6d13h25m – Matthew Steinwand
6d16h40m – Garrett Peltonen
6d19h15m – Cat Morrison
7d03h15m – Zach Guy
7d07h40m – Dylan Taylor
7d12h58m – Pawel Kudela
8d08h24m – Jason Johnson
8d09h47m – Bill Guerrera
8d10h43m – Mark Caminiti
8d15h00m – Toby Gadd
9d14h07m – Andy Farish
10d09h54m – Bob Butrico
14d05h31m – Ryan Feild


2009 CTR Results: US-285 Detour and Tenmile/Coney/Cataract Segments, Waterton Canyon Start
Full Replay as recorded by SPOT trackers
4d03h20m – Owen Murphy Course Record!!!
4d20h24m – Doug Johnson
4d23h13m – Stefan Griebel, Jefe Branham
6d13h29m – Scott Morris
6d16h03m – Dave Harris
6d16h38m – Brian Taylor
6d18h43m – Jeff Oatley
7d08h07m – Rich Otten
7d13h06m – Marshal Bird
7d13h23m – Cat Morrison
7d13h58m – Alex Platt
7d18h53m – David Goldberg
9d05h43m – Mark CaminitiCTR Course Note: In 2009, both the GPS track and data/guidebooks indicated the CT as following a jeep road from above Twin Lakes down to a campground before rejoining a ST. However, new CT markers indicate the trail as following some older ST and newly built trail instead of the jeep road. Because of this discrepancy, either route was deemed acceptable.Course Deviation:

5d13h38m – Ethan Passant
Ethan missed a short 3 mile section of trail over Jarosa Mesa on Segment 22. This is the same section that Owen missed, but then somehow realized it, and backtracked to the actual CT.

10d12h38m – Dan Joseph, Nick Thelen
11d09h45m – Tom Jensen
Dan, Nick and Tom all rode Cinnamon Pass instead of Coney’s + Cataract (Seg. 22/23) Similar mileage, but perhaps 4000′ less elevation gain and no hike-a-bike.



2008 CTR Results: Tarryall Detour and Cinnamon Pass
5d02h26m – Ethan Passant
5d06h27m – Chris Plesko
5d23h47m – Jeff Oatley
6d04h06m – Brad Kee
7d01h46m – Trish Stevenson
7d06h45m – Dan Montgomery
7d07h00m – Dennis Helton
8d03h14m – Matt FuscoCourse Deviation:5d03h49m – Jason Shelman
Jason inadvertently skipped the middle of segment 18, starting the La Garita Wilderness detour at Cochetopa Pass Rd. instead of Saguache Park Road, only realizing this almost a year later.


2008 CTR ITT Results:
4d08h45m – Owen Murphy
Owen inadvertently skipped the end of Segment 3, thus riding 5 miles and ~800′ less than the actual CTR route. He only realized this upon closer inspection of the detours for the ’09 race. Clearly, he still would have crushed the course record.


2007 CTR Results: Tarryall Detour & Cinnamon Pass
5d05h30m – Jefe Branham
5d05h50m – Stefan Griebel
6d00h17m – Ethan Passant
6d04h51m – Jason Trimm
6d21h55m – Fred Wilkinson
7d05h15m – Matthew LeeDid not finish:~475 miles – Mark Caminiti
~275 miles – Dan Montgomery
~100 miles – Dave Nice
~30 miles – Jim Ishman