Do The Work!

Getting a good bit of folks looking to sign up for the CTR. I just want to remind folks that there is no official registration for the CTR. Trackleaders will be used to keep track of numbers and the Group Start will be limited to 74 riders. Folks can get in on the Group Start without tracking, but None of This Will Open Till One Month Before Group Start!!!

Focus on training, prepping, and doing research. It is a bit frustrating that all this info is out there and easily found with a Google search yet I still get asked the same questions. Part of prepping for a big adventure is doing research and learning as much as you can before the race. Know the rules. Know the route; water, resupplies, elevation, time splits, etc. Know how other folks have fared, how hard they thought it was, etc. All this info is out there and will make your CTR much more enjoyable and successful. Be prepared that is your job as a possible CTR rider, do the work, it will benefit you greatly I promise!

This does not mean I don’t want to help or answer questions, but please consider that there are 15 years of collective CTR experience out there at your fingertips!