Additional Resupply

Howdy Y’all in CTR land.

A little update in resupply sources for the CTR. Cathedral Ranch Cabins and Mineral Mountain Outfitters:, is a very cool little spot at the bottom of Los Pines Pass that has limited Cabins, Food, Showers, Wifi, tent camping, and very limited bike repair items. While they do not have extensive resources, this could save some folks as it is in the middle of a huge blank spot on the map for resupply. Do not think of this as a full resupply option, this is a little fill up/emergency food/shelter spot to hold you over till Silverton if going south, or B.V. if going north.

Where is this? Good question, the ranch is on CR52, a dead end road that passes thru a ranch right at the bottom of Los Pines Pass. Cathedral Ranch Cabins are 1 mile down this road. There is little to no signage for this business, this might change by summer. Directions are also on the website, it is also marked on the Guthook app. This turn off the route is along the La Garita Wilderness Detour, at about mile 381 going south, and about 146 going north.

The CTR asks that racers do not send drop boxes, Cathedral Ranch Cabins does accept them, but CTR rules state that drop boxes are for PO Boxes only. Please honor this, they do not have the capacity for up to 74 drop boxes showing up at the same time. CTR also asks that folks do not call ahead to reserve a cabin. Racers are welcome to rent a cabin if available, and take advantage of the other amenities available here, just no reservations, no drop boxes for racers, please.

Mineral Mountain Outfitters is a bit farther west at 7444 County Road 50. They are offering showers, tent camping, and home cooked breakfast.

These are small family operated business so please be kind and considerate. Racers are asked to not show up after 9:PM expecting services! Also do not let these little gems fool you or lead you to believe you do not need to be prepared for this long section without full resupply. Be Prepared!!! As always on the CTR, Be Nice!!!