Action Jackson, JBuddy, my Sunbeam.

You have only been gone for a for a short time and I miss you so much. Your following eyes watching me as I move about the house, the click clack of your nails on the floor. The last couple months of your life were a challenge, but you were always a bit of work. It was so hard to watch you wither away, losing all that muscle that carried you blazing fast through the sage. Everyday I tried to keep my frustration at cleaning up your urine and poop to myself, as the meds messed up your system as they also gave you some comfort. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye and I was hopeful that you would get strong again.


You came Ito my life almost by accident, I wasn’t looking for a pitbull mix, I wanted another cow dog. They called you a border collie mix, that will always make me laugh. You were in a kill shelter and needed a home pretty badly, so through lots of efforts from lots of people you ended up coming home with me. You were a Pit-Bull-Dozer, strong, aggressive and fast. You caused me lots of heartache and trouble, breaking out of the house and ending up in doggy jail, I had to save your life again begging the judge to let me take you home. You got skunked, quilled by porcupines, and disappeared on walks all the time. You required a lot of attention and alert eyes to keep you out of trouble.

I will always remember that look in your eyes the first time I let you off the leash to run. It was pure joy. I could hear every part of you singing with happiness as you ran, sniffed and, explored. It was wonderful to behold and you were always that happy when we were out walking. We shared that love of just being out there moving through the landscape, I miss it so much. We were wild and free and happy just hiking through the sage.

I hope I gave you the life you deserved and all the love you needed. I will always hold a place in my heart for you and I will forever remember your happy running face, your satisfied body in a sunbeam, and the gregarious way you lived.

1 thought on “Jackson

  1. While on Guitar Teds web page, I followed a link to your site. Your memorial to your Pittie was amazing. Jackson must have been a wonderful companion that was truly loved and sorely missed. We have two Rescue Beagles that came from the Colorado Beagle Rescue that are both 14. Watching them bounce through the pastures chasing turkeys, shoulder to shoulder with their tails in the air, baying in that loud voice is awesome to watch. Can’t imagine them not being here but I know that will come. Thanks for sharing your experience, it was very moving and reminds me to give them a chin scratch every chance I get.

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