2021 Colorado Trail Race Info***

2021 CTR will have a Group Start in Durango, Co, Sunday July 25th at 4:AM.

This start might end up being staggered out depending on conditions due to Covid, other variations might be involved as well. I am really hoping to have some sort of group start this year. This will be decided as conditions reveal themselves closer to July.

This year their will be a limit of 74 riders at the group start. I will be using Trackleaders to keep tabs on riders wanting to be at the group start, sign up for Trackleaders is about a month before the race. Any riders not wanting to be tracked contact me once Trackleaders sign up is live, to make arrangements prior to 74 being reached. If you don’t want to be tracked and want to be at the Group Start, be proactive! If you really have to be at the Group Start, be proactive! If you can’t start and you registered, get off there and make room for someone else. Times are a changing and their has to be a limit going forth in the case of more growth making it unreasonable to continue. Once the 74 limit is reached, ITT’s will be encouraged. So do not think you can’t ride if you are not in the Group Start, be flexible so that this idea can live on.

There will be a couple slight changes to the route going into and out of Silverton. Nothing major, shouldn’t effect overall times by much at all. These will be reflected in new updated cues and GPX track, not available yet….

***All Subject to Change