2022 Loopy Loop Report:

Well I wasn’t pulling the punches the mountains can dish out when I made these loops and those mountains smashed us! Holy hell it was hot out there too, I know I got cooked on day one going up the Slate to Paradise Divide, I am sure everyone felt that sun blazing out there. We had 12 hardy souls lined up at the start, 4 going for the Biggie and 8 aiming for the Shortie.

In the end 2 of us finished the Biggie, Jefe B, 3:00:02 and Scott S, 3:15:41.

2 finished the Shortie, Alex S, 1:13:12 and Maxwell L, 1:18:28.

2 did a mix of both the two, Jeff K, 1:17:01 and Todd S, 3:17:36.

There is a whole year before anybody has to worry about these loops, but I do have some ideas. The above two loops will probably stay about the same, but there will be a 3rd and much friendlier loop added into the mix to give folks another option that is a bit less intense and time consuming. Stay Tuned!!!