CTR Update 6/26/21

The 2021 CTR Group Start is Full. Those who are registered with Trackleaders for the Group Start please show up or let us know ASAP, so someone who wants in can be notified.

Crazy how much interest and enthusiasm there is this year. Hope that carries you all through to the finish, pressure is on now that there is a waiting list!

Also know that just because the group start is full doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the Colorado Trail, or even get a time stamp on Trackleaders. ITT’s are welcome even on the day of the group start, just give 3 hours before or after the group start/4:AM. Also there is the option of starting in Denver on the same day/time, going west/south, these riders do not count towards the 74. For those who want to ride with friends, or partners, or film crews, feel free to ride the CT any time with anyone, just do not expect to be compared to the riders that go 100% self supported.

Thanks Everyone and Be Safe!