The 2020 Gunny Loopy Loop!

Once again the Gunny Loopy Loop featured two loops, the Shortie at 192 miles and 27,000′ of vert or the Biggie at 315 miles and 45,000′. Both Loops starting and finishing right in Gunnison, Colorado. Yes that is right, lots of climbing and descending, and not much of it is easy. Rough, Rugged, and Rewarding trail riding, connected by some decent dirt roads, that is the essence of the Loopy.

This year some familiar faces and some new friends showed up on September 5th at 4:AM to see what they could find out there in them hills. The stars were bright in the clear cool morning air and adventure awaited! Despite the perfect weather at the start, there was talk of a big winter storm rolling in Tuesday, day 4 of the ride, and riders were taking that info to heart.

This year’s Shortie riders had perfect, if perhaps slightly hot conditions. No rain, Hi’s in the 80’s, lows in the upper 30’s and dry trails. The riding was damn good too with some rain the weekend before. Over half who started made the loop, damn impressive riding from these amazing folks. I can not state enough how challenging these loops are.

This year’s Biggie was taken on by 4 brave riders. The massiveness of the route combined with the pending weather made for some on the fly route changes and one rider collected from the course just as the snow started to fly. The storm turned out to be a nasty little blast of winter, crazy winds that knocked trees down everywhere, combined with heavy wet, wind driven snow. The kind of weather that no one wants to be out in, it was massive! Still the Biggie is there, ready for next round of strong riders to take it on. 2021!

Times are according to Trackleaders and might be a bit off:

Shortie: Maxwell Lasky, 2d:10h:10m Joe & Kristen Tonsager 2d:10h:30m, (3 time finishers!!!) 

*Bryan Klahn started the Biggie and took the 401 section, then took the Shortie route from Taylor to beat the storm. 2d:07h, great choice!

Biggie: Jefe Branham, 2d:17h:30m

*Artec Durham started the Biggie and rode all the way to the Top of Monarch Pass, before heading to Gunny to beat the storm.

**Todd Schweitzer rode to the bottom of Canyon Crk, where he was hoping to wait out the storm only to be picked up just as the storm got crazy.