2021 CTR GPX file and Trackleaders link

Newest, latest and greatest GPX file for the CTR route. Adds a little bit of trail on the east side of Molas Pass, a bit of climbing, but not much, and a lesser used route on the east side of Silverton. Edit: This file is updated 7/22/21 to include some new detours on trail. https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1630666

Leadville Bypass is still in play as well: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1594283

2021 CTR Trackleaders Link: https://form.jotform.com/trackleaders/ctr21

Remember Group Start limited to 74 riders. If we fill up and you want to be at the group start, sign up for an ITT and then send me an email, I will manage a wait list. ITT’s are encouraged. ITT’s the day of the Group Start, July 25th are limited to starting at least 3 hours before or after 4:AM to keep folks spread out.