2019 Gunny Loopy Loop Report

The 2019 Gunny Loopy Loop is complete!

Huge Congrats To All Riders, thanks so much for coming to ride!

Shortie Loop Finishers:  Tom Runcie, 2d:04h:57m (not tracked)
Todd Schweitzer, 2d:06h:37m
Kristen/Joe Tonsager, 2d:13h:24m

Biggie Loop Finishers:    Jefe Branham, 2d:20h:30m
Justin Dubois, 3d:12h:0m

Artec Durham, 5d:5h:51m (ITT)***

What A Freaking Route! Riders have chimed in and there is no doubt that these two Loops are special beyond words. These are not Tour Divide cruising, in fact mile for mile The Loopy’s are harder than the CTR and AZT.  But that difficulty comes with some serious bennies. These rides are jammed pack with wild n crazy single track that keeps your mind focused, your hands pummeled, and your smile beaming. Every turn delivers more endless mountain views, fields of flowers, and more single track! Think less touring, more ultra enduro trail riding. So many Rocks and More Rocks!


There might be a couple small tweaks to the routes for 2020, but nothing big. These beautiful babies are almost exactly what I wanted to create, the Ultimate Trail Rider Loops. If you are looking for an amazing and hard weekend adventure, Don’t wait to commit!!! Plan on making it to the 2020 Gunny Loopy Loop!


***Artec did an ITT on the route about 3 weeks after the Grand Depart. While not that much later, the temps dropped a good bit and the daylight hours were significantly shorter. Much respect for his skills at staying warm and motivated out there all by himself!!!