2021 Loopy Loop Report

This year’s Loopy Loops started with 4 Shortie riders and 2 Biggie riders. This small and solid crew headed out at 4:AM September 4th under cold clear skies with perfect weather setting up for a few days. The Loopy Loops are greater than us all and took down a couple Shortie riders, while both Biggie starters finished. Results are below. 2022 Gunny Loopy Loop will be Labor Day Weekend, plan accordingly.

Shortie:195 miles, 25,000′ https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1211026

Max Lasky: 1:21:18. Mens’s FKT on the current Shortie.*

Beth Shaner: 2:11:28. Women’s FKT on the current Shortie.*

Biggie: 310 mile, 45,000′ https://www.plotaroute.com/route/874748

Gordan MacMillan: 3:22:53*, only 4th person to finish this loop!

Todd Schweitzer: 4:12:46*, only 5th person to finish loop!

*All times and records based on Trackleaders Info.