gO Ride


Sometimes I forget just how human I am. I expect more from myself that the ordinary day to day living run of the mill stuff. I want to strive, reach, try and make it happen. But I am human, and therefor fallible, fragile and imperfect. This does not rest well with me at times. When I am tired and exhausted I do not let it go, I get upset that I am not climbing mountains, riding centuries and crushing myself with eye bleeding intervals.


Since getting home from the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo I have been pretty cooked. My knee has been sore, my legs cranked up so tight that it has been hard to sleep some nights. Then work got busy with the coming of an early spring and the warm air that makes everyone suddenly think about bikes. I was not riding much, hardly at all. That is not good, I get cranky when I do not spin those pedals, gaze at the hills and feel the air, my blood and let go of my too closely held thoughts.


Today I got out for a good ride. Pavement, dirt roads with a good bit of climbing and simply amazing views. I really can not put into words how good it felt, and still feels. I seriously am blown away at what a bike ride can do. My knee feels better, my head is no longer a confused wad of misused junk. The worries I held too tightly, now seem to be easily worked out details.

good friends make everything better

good friends make everything better

How does a little bike ride change one’s perspective so quickly? I really do wonder, but honestly I simply am grateful for having such an outlet at my disposal. I am also so thankful to live in a place where I can ride from my door into the hills and gaze upon some of the most majestic mountains and feel things shift and change and see how silly my quandaries really are. Just gO Ride, it is the best medicine. Thank you Universe, thank you!

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