Sunday Funday


Somedays things just flow. Today was one of them. Got up, did some stretching as the sun rose and filled the living room with golden light. Whipped up some delicious breakfast, ate, drank coffee and chilled. Walked the dogs, worked on my bike, ate more food, took the dogs for a nice hike, ate more food and then topped it all off with a sweet little ride with my sweets.


It was a simple little spin mostly on pavement with a touch of dirt. The sky was filled with an amazing glowing light, geese and sand hill cranes squawked in all directions in the marshy fields filled with cows and new born calves.


My legs felt pretty good after a couple weeks of achey knees. The bike felt light and smooth. Pedaling was effortless and edifying. The stress of the past weeks and months seem to melt away along with the south facing snow. Spring is here, the change, the renewing energy is uplifting, powerful and so wonderful to feel.


I need to take heed of my own advice sometimes. Let go of the BS, let go of the negative energy that wants to take root inside you. Forget about the crap that weighs you down. Get up, get out, move, feel your blood pumping through your entire being, know that you are just a tiny fleck in an immense universe and let that energy flow.


Just gO Ride!!!

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