So Small

Life tends to steamroll along, gathers momentum, rushing head first along the path that holds the reigns tightest. I am guilty of holding those reigns too tight as of late. Focusing so hard on a few parts of my life, getting a head of myself and forgetting so much else. It goes to my head, the drive, the desire, the need for more that makes me get out of bed in the morning. windy snow bike ride 1-12-14 003There come those days that put it all in perspective. Plain and simple, they make you feel small.

windy snow bike ride 1-12-14 007Small is a good thing to remember. We are all little creatures, everyone of us.

windy snow bike ride 1-12-14 009Yet our impact can be great or non-existent, positive or negative.

windy snow bike ride 1-12-14 020So hard to tell, day to day, “am I being a good human, could I be better?”windy snow bike ride 1-12-14 030Today the wind whipped across the landscape with undeniable power. It filled in my own tracks minutes after leaving them behind me. It slapped my face hard every time I turned to face it. Every pedal stroke took such a large amount of effort, so much energy. All the while I struggled the Universe simply carried on. It was wonderful, it was humbling, it made me feel so so small, the problems that keep me awake at night, even smaller. The road is never ending, the potential to try never fulfilled, the quest for being as good as you can be is never ever over. It seems daunting sometimes, keeps me awake at night. Really it is all about being good, trying harder to be better and embracing the joy of being small.

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