So Much To Learn

Last winter I blew off skiing till sometime in February. Once I got out there and realized that I really like skiing, I was sad when the snow faded away and turned to mud. I vowed to get out there more this winter and slide around on two sticks.

skiing x2 1-5-14 010

Skiing is very humbling. So simple and potentially graceful. I am a hack, I can muscle and suffer through almost anything, but it isn’t pretty. It kicks my ass and even leaves me frustrated. skiing x2 1-5-14 002Did a big tour with a fun group on New Years Day. It was pretty darn cool, well at least the first half of the tour.

swampy tour 1-1-14 015

Then I got my ass kicked on a downhill, and fell apart on the long climb afterwards. I couldn’t get the stress waiting for me at home out of my head. I was flailing along, working hard to go really slow. I wanted to quit, throw my skis into the woods. I was not impressed with myself at this moment. “Well Suck It Up Buttercup”

swampy tour 1-1-14 012 It really is good to get your ass kicked. To realize that you are not going to walk into everything and do it perfectly. It is OK to suck, we all start somewhere and frankly we all have so much to learn.


2 thoughts on “So Much To Learn

    • I am a hack, there is no doubt about it and it is funny to me how frustrating it is to do something less efficiently, less gracefully than you wish you could… to remind myself sometimes it is ok to suck, learn and get better, forget about that quitting shit!!!
      Thanks So Much for Reading!

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