Change is hard.

I admit that I hate change.

Therefor I tend to get stuck in ruts, afraid to see what is outside of it. Developing terrible habits as a way of dealing with something that bothers me. There was a long period for me that I wanted to change, saw it plain as day that I needed to change. For years this went on, the bad habits that kept me going numb to the unresolved, kept digging in deeper. Despair often filled my heart, for I didn’t think I really could change my ways, make life what I wanted. A victim of my own fear, fear of something as simple as change.

Life is dynamic, there are bumps in every road. There are things that no one can swerve to avoid, potholes that get in the way of the goals ahead. Still I am happy to say I have changed, grown. Moved from where I thought I was once stuck forever. It is hard, sometimes it still sucks. Mostly it is the best thing in the world to see your dreams getting closer to what you are working towards everyday.

Must remember to have faith that our dreams are good enough to reach for, to try for, to suck it up and make a change for. If not now, then when?

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