So Close

The 2019 Gunny Loopy Loop is almost upon us.

The weather looks amazing, hot days, cool nights, chilly mornings, very little rain in the forecast. In fact be careful with fire out there, no fire restrictions that I’m aware of, but its dry.

A couple notes I want to bring up:

I didn’t mention in the cues that we will be taking “Death Pass/Trl409.1a” a tiny bypass along Brush Creek Rd. Same as Last Year! I updated the cues to reflect this. The road is acceptable! But the trail is a bit shorter and less climbing. Again either is fine. I also updated the Shortie Map/GPX to reflect this as well. I apologize if this is confusing or a pain. The Biggie Map is correct for this section, but the Biggie cues have also been corrected. This is only a mile or so and not significant of a change. I will also go over this Friday night is anyone has any questions. This bypass happens at ~mile 83 for the Shortie and ~mile 112 for the Biggie.

I also want to reiterate that this is a self supported, DIY style ride. No Outside Support! If you know the person, just say no.

Again, super casual get together at the Dive in Gunny, Friday the 30, from 5-7. The Dive is right on HWY 50, next to Safeway. I’ll have a map and a laptop with the latest GPX files. I will also be there to answer any questions or concerns.

Start is downtown Gunny, IOOF Park on the second block of North Main St, 4:AM. This is also the finish, please take a selfie in front of the water fountain and send me this with a text the time and day that you finished. I’ll be sure you all have my number before we start.

Any last questions please feel free to hit me up, or ask Friday/Tomorrow Night!


1 thought on “So Close

  1. So jealous of you all getting to do this glorious route in the morning! Weather looks perfect. Down that I can’t be there, but will definitely be following online and daydreaming. Hope you all have a wonderful time!


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