Go Time

Less than a week till go time.

The sky is so blue, the sun is still scorching hot, the mornings are quite a bit cooler, there’s a tiny turn in the aspen leaves, Labor Day is almost upon us.

Maps are finalized, Trackleaders is up and looking so good.


Shit is getting real.

Get together Friday night, thinking 5-7PM, still not sure where…but I can show it on a real map, answer any questions, etc.



2 thoughts on “Go Time

  1. This is a crazy long shot, but I’ve been searching occasionally for a friend who bounced through Buffalo in the 90s. He was a fantastic artist and we lost touch when I went to college in CT (where his friend Vince was from). On a random chance I searched his name and Gunnison,CO (last know address) and you came up. If you are the Fella I knew I’d love to connect. Your life in your blog makes me smile!

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