2019 Loopy Loop

Its still on.

IMG_2747 2

Start is gonna be August 31st, 4:AM in the morning, right here in Gunnison, Colorado, USA.

There are a few changes this year for both the Biggie and the Shortie.

Both Loops got bigger and better. All listed mileage’s are Approximate!!! Shortie is about 192-ish miles, lots of climbing. The biggie is 313-ish, lots and lots of climbing. Both start and end in Gunny. Both will be rugged and remote with just enough easier dirt road to keep it moving, very much like last year. Biggie has 5 (or more!) resupply options, roughly at miles; 75, 175, 245, 270. Some big, some small. The Shortie has 2 resupply options at miles: 75, and 147. One big, one small. Lots of single track, lots and lots. Be ready to ride trails, not buff in places, but so damn good.

IMG_2764 2

Racing these loops will be hard. I would guess that the Shortie could be done without sleep in 30+ hours?! But could take 3 days for sure. The biggie is gonna take 2.5 days even at a fast race pace, 3-5 if you are sleeping a good bit or not charging it.

This will be a Self Supported, DIY sort of ride. No outside support, if you know the person or they know you, please do not take support of any kind. Feel free to ride the routes any time you wish, but if you plan on posting a “time”, stay on the route and within the rules. GPX track will be available, but route completion is up to the rider. There is some obscure stuff, but most trails are well documented.

I got all the ideas set, I just need to get out on the ground and make sure it all works and get it GPS’ed. Please forgive my late start with info. In case you don’t know I have a new house, I am getting married at the end of July and I have a 3+ month old! I will get the info out there, but most of it won’t be available till August, again sorry! If there’s any questions feel free to contact me.


Full details are coming, exact start time and location, full GPX tracks, full cues, maybe even track leader sign ups.

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