And the living is easy…well maybe not so much, but it is often fun! This summer Rachel and I have done a pretty good job of getting out. Car Camping, Hiking, Trail Riding and our favorite, Bikepacking has kept us out exploring new spots and getting out under the sun and stars. I may not be racing, but I’m not growing any moss.

IMG_4566For this past weekend, we decided to invite a few people to go with us. Lots of folks were interested, demonstrating that we need to get the word out earlier and that there will definitely be another trip. Ended up that Alex and TomBom joined Rachel and I for a great little sub 24.


We met up at Rock n Roll and rolled out through town, slowly inching our way North. A mix of pavement and bike path got us out to Ohio Creek Rd and that got us to Maggie Pass, one of many entrances to adventure. A whole world of dirt roads, game trails, hills, mountains, creek and animals galore opens up as you roll over the top of that pass. Trending North once again we climbed away towards Mill Creek. Once atop one last big climb we scrambled up into an aspen grove and set up camp.


Dinners were eaten, a hike was taken, and campfire with whiskey and burning marshmallows was surrounded with talking and laughter. Some of us managed to sleep in, only time that happens, and we awoke to another amazing sunny day. We rode and hiked our bikes up a steep bit of trail with the intention of just cruising back down before making our way back home.

It was hot and the climbs were hard, the mosquitos were crazy hungry, but the views were worth every twitch of muscle agony and the quiet was worth all the sweat and swelling bites. Everyone was impressed at how easy it was to get out of town and into the hills, what little it took in gear and prep. The simple fact is this world is full of these simple wonders and this weekend the four of us all soaked it up and it made us happy to be alive. IMG_5942



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