Feeling Good


2016 has been an interesting “season” so far. It really hasn’t been a season at all in that I haven’t raced my bike since February and haven’t been training or even riding all that regularly. While the lack of focus has been kind of nice for a change, it has been a challenge to not get depressed as I sit at the computer and watch all those colored dots dance all over the map.


I have been hiking a bunch, camping, backpacking, sleeping in and drinking fair amount of beer. Not bad ways to roll through what has been a very nice summer so far up in the mountains. But there is a twitch inside me that is not completely satisfied.



This past weekend I got out for one of my favorite rides, Fossil Ridge. It is a wonderfully brutal ride that extends from my door way out into the woods and all the way back to my door again. It is full of roots, rocks, ruts, but also flowers for miles, quiet solitude and amazing views of this valley I call home. While I wasn’t fast on the ride, I felt good! My knee felt strong, my head was in the game and it seemed to flash by almost painlessly.

This simple ride had me thinking….


Then last night I went out and rode Aberdeen after work. Another great ride that takes off from my house and returns me home several hours later. So much single track through the high desert, full of smooth rolling rocks, swoopy turns and so much sage. It was such a gorgeous evening and again I felt good! 


Two good long rides and I am now pondering a jump back into the “season”. There is something about taking on adventures that test us, that I can’t seem to walk away from. Why is it the minute I start to feel good, I am thinking of crushing myself? Regardless, I am feeling pretty excited about feeling pretty good, we shall see what comes of it!


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