High Country Goodness


There is a funny thing about summer up here in the mountains, we look forward to these warm months all year, and when it is crazy busy we wonder why we wanted it back at all. Then July slips behind us and it becomes clear why we love this time of year so much. The High Country.

For me there is something magical and etherial about being at treelike and above. I just love being up that high, so much of the world down below and all the crap that goes with it way down there as well. Makes me feel at the same time tiny, small and insignificant and on top of the world capable of anything.

The past couple of weekends have been all about getting out there into that special High Country, as the weeks are full of work, puppies and more work…

It has been so worth it. The hike a bikes, the deep seated scream coming out of the legs, the sketchy dodging of thunderheads, the swarming black flies, all the post ride beers and the incredible un-ending desire to get back out there for more…and more….


Been visiting some old favorites, like Dr’s, and some long forgotten routes like that crazy hike a bike trail between Tincup and Napoleon Passes. Also getting out to see places never seen by thy eyes before, some that I have hurried been past by so many times and never explored.



Thing that comes back to hit me square between my eyes is how amazing this place is we call home. I’m not selling or talking up Colorado, only saying we live on an amazing planet and even after 23+ years of exploring this amazing little corner of the earth, I am still amazed, daunted, and enchanted by this world. So much out there and so much of it makes me appreciate being alive. Live, Love and gOExplore!



This world, this Universe is so grand, so large, but never forget each and everyone of us is but a tiny speck, a minuscule part of the whole. Be kind, show love and compassion for each other and the hard rock of this planet we call home.


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