Door to Door

Got out for a two nighter with Rachel this weekend. No goals of milage or location in mind. Only to simply head out from the door of our house, explore the backyard and return back home.

The weather was perfect. Mostly sunny all day with a few non-threatening clouds dancing about the sky and the warmest temps we have had yet this spring.

The flowers ranged from good to amazing, in places the sage was jumping with colors.


We rode a bit of pavement, some singletrack, bunches of dirt roads, some ghosty cow trails and of course some good old, out there bush wacking to make it a true bike packing adventure.

Without trying we managed to avoid seeing other humans till our ride out this morning. We did see(and hear) countless birds, prancing deer, one darting coyote. It was quiet, peaceful and wonderfully relaxing.


The amazing thing is just how in the moment I was able to be out there. I wasn’t thinking about work, bills, demands or even the Divide. I was there; in the sunshine, watching the clouds swirl, feeling the wind graze my skin, soaking up the flowers, feeling the rose bushes scratch my sunburn and the ice cold snow melt burn my legs.


After this ride, only race I found in my mind was how soon could I get back out there for some more of this magic.

Get out there, quit the excuses whatever they may be, get out there, ride, walk, run. Go find those hills just outside of town, take the unknown road, the ghosty animal track. Live, Breath, Explore!!!




4 thoughts on “Door to Door

  1. You inspired me when I first learned your name, back when you nearly won the Tour Divide on your singlespeed, and you continue to inspire me. I love seeing your photos, and reading your thoughts and introspections. Every time I see a new post of yours, I feeling getting on my bike just to see where the path will take me. It’s also nice to see that you found someone to share in your adventures. I’m sure you discovered that It makes your experiences in life to be that much more meaningful.

    Forgive me for geeking out on you, but it looks like you got yourself a 29 plus size steed. What is is it, and how do you like it? I recently got a Trek Stache 7, and I love it.

    • Hi Mike!
      Thanks for reading. It was a great weekend or sure, so peaceful and quiet. Sometimes I am able to appreciate how great life really is. Riding out into “no-man’s land” from my door, with my lady, is very special!
      The bike is an Ibis Trans Fat, my fat bike, with a 29+ wheel set. It is pure joy, so much fun to ride!
      Thanks again for reading and the kind words!

    • Hi RedHead,

      Yep that’s me!
      Been rocking the downtime bag for many years. One day staring at my bike I tried to visualize un-used space and that spot stuck with me. I make my own bags, the downtime bag included. I’ve made a few and find them very useful. The thing is they get hammered by dirt, dust, mud, etc and the zippers get crunchy pretty quick. Thus mine end up being some what short lived and often recreated. I am always working on better ideas and a zipper-less downtime bags would be the bomb.

      So when you racing the CTR?
      Maybe we can work something out!?

      Thanks for reading!

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