All day today the wind ripped through town. Tossing garbage cans, tumbleweeds, plastic bags and just about everything else about.

Regardless I headed out for an afterwork ride. Just for a spin, even with that raging spring wind as a backdrop, just a nice easy spin.

DSCN3939 (1).jpg

The wind railed, pushing me all over and dominated my ride until I made it past the base area where the landscape managed to spare me.


Up the draw I climb, snow swirling around me. The wind, temporally pushing me makes the miles roll by. My bubble of relative warmth is intact.


…and always keep the rubber side down….

I halt my progress, turn back home into the wind and blowing snow.

Reality shifts and I’m suddenly out in the sage with just my headlamp bringing tunnels of dark to life. It is snowing so hard that I simply can not see the road I’m descending. I am very quickly getting soaked from the wet heavy snow and the road spray. With more speed on pavement, I feel my fingers go cold, my frozen face pumps with blood. DSCN3949.jpg

Oh how real and also remote it feels. Like so many days in the past and like so many more in the future. A flashback to now. This day, Everyday is our chance to live! A chance to go forth into the mountains and get an ass kicking that will make one glad to be alive. Live, Love and gORide!

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