plugging away


So much of living is just plain old work. Success, or even simply making something happen in your life takes time, energy and effort. We forget sometimes how much work others might be putting into such efforts and how much we need to focus on our own. Big things,(even crazy big things) start with just plugging away.


Lately there has been no racing, no big grand rides, no travel and adventure. Just the everyday of work, dogs, love, bikes and living. No great jumps in fitness, or personal bests, just lots of little rides after work in the darkening twilight or in the freezing cold of pre-dawn morning. Lots of spinning on lonely and windy pavement. Plenty of boogger blowing intervals in the cold crisp dark air of quiet night. Many a morning of getting up an hour early to stretch and work my core, hips, legs. Basic, simple, quiet and not so glorious, and yet all steps forward towards my goals.


All little steps, everyday. Then there are days, like today, that feel like magic. Legs spinning and feeling strong. Clear fresh air rushing through me. Wondrous love smiling a few feet away from me. Nothing to rush home to, no agenda to pursue, no schedule to follow, no ego to feed.

Freedom. Mountains. Bikes.

Paths to travel. Birds Singing. Sun Glowing and Warming.

The perfection of everyday is seeing the path that takes you forward. The needs, goals and drive push the ideas, make it move, grow, evolve. Seeking the path makes it come alive and makes it real. Dream. And make it Live!

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