Alive…and Living

Been a while. I have no excuse, no rhyme or reason for not writing, posting. Life happens, everyday. Sometimes it more or less follows the plan in your mind and sometimes things just drift about, seemingly without direction.

For me this Blog is a way for me to express my love of what I do. To share my adventures along with the thoughts and emotions that come with being outside. I want to help get someone else out the door and out there. Being outside makes me a better person. Taking on adventures, pushing myself makes me happy to be alive. I truly believe that the mountains, deserts, rivers, rocks and sage can change your life. That challenging oneself, facing your fears and learning yourself in and out is the best medicine around.


I will never stop walking in the woods. I am always out there pedaling my bikes. Sunrises and sunsets will forever inspire me. Sometimes there is something in those experiences, glimmers of wisdom, feelings of brightness, seeing the edges of possibilities, that makes me want so much to share. Sometimes it is just a blurry mess and I keep that to myself!

4 thoughts on “Alive…and Living

  1. Haha! Glad to hear the old chipper Jefe again. “I am always out there pedaling my bikes.” I remember a time not too long ago where this didn’t carry quite the same passion. Glad to hear you’ve regained it full steam ahead! Never had a doubt šŸ™‚

    • We all ebb and flow. It isn’t easy for me to experience the ebb, when I love the flow so much. But it happens and it always comes around if you look for it. Just love being outside doing stuff and that makes me want to do more, look over last the horizon, and keep seeing what this ol bod and mind can do…not done yet!
      Thanks for reading, Andrew!

  2. My blog has been in hibernation for a few months too–thanks for the inspiration, it might be time to poke the bear. There’s nothing like a good road trip, some bike riding and a few sunrises and sunsets to get the juices flowing again. ‘Twas great to meet you guys, you were the best cabin mates ever!

    • Yes, I have had plenty of thoughts bouncing about in my head, I just didn’t bother to sit down and write them out. Feels good to share though and it makes me smile to hear it spurn on others to do cool stuff. That is the best. Great to meet and you and see Brian again, really enjoyed hanging out with y’all!

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