Pursuit of Dreams

we all dream

we all dream

There are those dreams that never leave you. No matter how crazy or impossible you try to convince yourself they are. Making excuses for years, never enough money, too much training, what about my dog(s), simply too much work. They are still there, everyday, unsatisfied, unperturbed and not going away.



The Tour Divide was one such dream. I wanted to be there long before I had the courage to be. Years it festered, simmered. Sometimes you know it is time, time to shit or get off the pot. Life is about living, not waiting. Riding the Great Divide in 2011 was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

Like the TD, the Iditarod Trail Invitational never fully leaves my head. Upon first hearing about the race, a seed was planted and has grown. Yet just making it up to the start of the ITI takes so much work and money, lots of gear, test after test, qualifiers, traveling. Years I have made excuses, years it has waited and waited.


pic by Vince

pic by Vince

This past weekend I traveled up to Island Park, Idaho to race bikes, test some gear and maybe qualify myself for something bigger. The ride was tough, fun, enlightening and humbling beyond words. Sometimes out in the dark lonely night, cold and wet, miles from home, sore and tired, I wonder if I’ll ever be satisfied.

it is big out there...

it is big out there…

dark on the divide

dark on the divide


8 thoughts on “Pursuit of Dreams

  1. I can totally relate… just when you think you couldn’t possibly do anything (bigger, better, nearly as challenging, adventurous, etc)- something else comes along and the fire is refueled. 😉

    • I really do wonder if it will ever “be enough”? Despite the perpetual call to set off into the dark night, I am so thankful that this life has opened my eyes to what we can do with our minds and bodies. So grateful to have something positive to be addicted to!
      Thanks for reading!

    • Nope. I love riding fat bikes and even a little bit on dirt, but 2700 miles on a fattie, in my opinion would be torture! Might get back out there on a single speed though…….
      Thanks for reading!

  2. That thing is the beefiest of all the meaty races out there. Good luck getting up there. I’ve been thinking about that one for a while too (since high school- weirdly the most accomplished sled hauler in all the land is from my hometown in PA). But anyway, I’ve got a whole lot more learning to do.

    And the Divide again? Isn’t that thing old cheese by now? You should probably go set a bike FKT on the CDT instead

    • Yeah the ITI beats a drum inside me. That means I need to make it happen. Might be 2017, but I’m gonna get up there.
      Yes the TD once more. Then I’m done. Thinking about riding it single speed again, we shall see.
      Racing the CTD sounds interesting, but that much single track almost needs to be toured, not raced…see how long my body can keep doing this!
      Thanks for reading,

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