Living is a funny thing sometimes. Figuring out what makes you happy. Making time for all the things that count. Not going crazy trying to make ends meet. Balancing the exertion of energy, time, patience.

DSCF1974 Happiness does not just roll out the red carpet. You have to want it, live it and breath it    everyday.


It helps to have some wild crazy fun friends to share the ride with.

DSCF1963 Creatures full of adventure, love, positive energy.


Reminding us that life is to be lived, not dwelled upon, brooded over or critiqued to death.


Breath the open air. Walk Run Ride Ski. Go, Just Go. The universe speaks so clearly out under that big sky.

DSCF2028So easy to forget the everyday glories. Thankfully, one only has to listen to find them again.


2 thoughts on “Living…

  1. Just being outside is awesome. I love the fat bike. I have never ridden one, but something about them intrigues me. We don’t get any snow in the Phoenix area. But we have lots of sandy washes in the mountains. Fat bike curiosity always hits me as I’m straining to keep my momentum in the deep sand. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Fat bikes were designed for snow and Sand. I think it would be a fun tool for exploring sandy washes and such for sure. Especially if you had a load, overnight set up etc. I would also look into a 29+ for that sort of stuff as well. Thanks for reading!

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