Step back and take it in, see it in a different scale or light. Perspective is everything and perceptions can shift…

Nuts. I sometimes step back and see myself, my actions, my lifestyle and it occurs to me that I am nuts. Stupid mad crazy nuts! The feet, knees and butt are just starting to accept normal everyday use and I am suddenly set to train on the bike 19 hours this week. I can finally handle a whole day at work without taking off my shoes and elevating my feet and what do I do, I go out and get another job. OMG, What Am I Doing?

Really not so sure I know what I’m doing, I’m just doing it. That is the thing, there is so much to do. I just can not say NO to any of it. It is a problem that I admit fully. There is just not enough time, not even close. The days are only getting shorter, my heart rate is sky rocketing and I may never sleep again. Still it is exciting and I am not gonna say no, to more living, breathing, working and trying to do something good.

I’ll sleep when it snows, or when I’m dead, at least then I’ll be all used up…..Just wish I would say yes once in a while to cleaning my house…..

1 thought on “Nuts

  1. Lol. Housework is vastly overrated my friend. You may be nuts, but at least you are setting your own agenda. So many of us are forced into reacting to all of the demands that life puts on us, and our schedules get filled things we have to do instead of what we want to do.

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