Summertime in the mountains is a precious thing. So perfect, yet so busycrazyhectic that it just flies by and slips between the fingers. Before you know it, evening storms leave traces of snow upon the high peaks, the chill of morning lingers longer and longer and the days suddenly seem too short.

dog hike 7-19-14 038dog hike 7-19-14 022

Most of us living up here try to cram as much fun into these warm, sunny, flower filled months as we can, in between working our tails off! Thing is it catches up with you and sooner or later you hit the wall and find there is no energy to pull off the big or little adventure for the day. Tough to admit you need the down time when the to do list is still pages long.

evening ride 7-18-14 006dog hike 7-19-14 018

I am so very guilty of burning my candle at both ends. I just can’t get enough, no matter how much pedaling, hiking and camping I do, I always thirst for more. It is so hard to except the reality of being human (I know I talk about this a lot) I tend to run face first into this wall a bit too often. My body is still very much recovering, the right foot still stings and resists the confines of closed toe shoes. My knees are still a bit swollen and stiff, it doesn’t take many miles to force me to admit I am still tired.

dog hike 7-19-14 061

I want more, I want to ride singletrack through the high country wild flower wonderland. I think hiking the dogs and then going for a ride is perfectly acceptable. I want to race and race and race. Ah what a world, what a life, what a brain to have stuck inside my head! Sometimes I do get frustrated with how difficult it is to follow the driving force behind my dreams, the reality of time, money and energy can just crush me sometimes. It gets to me, it pops my bubble of positive progression, even makes me wish for some sort of regular life.

dog hike 7-19-14 012dog hike 7-19-14 033

All it takes is a hike with the dogs, a ride on singletrack, a lovely big sky sunset and perspective comes back around. Life is good. I am so happy that I have these dreams, this endless desire for more and the drive to attempt getting it all done. There have been times when none of this was present in my life. I am so very grateful to have found inspiration, love and the driving thirst for more. Dream big, live large, be thankful.

Thank You Universe, Thank You

Thank You Universe, Thank You



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