Headless Chicken

Have been neglecting my blog lately. Actually been neglecting more than that. So many things are getting put aside and left for that future moment that never really comes. Pretty important things like sleeping, stretching, recovering, playing with my dogs, paying bills, cleaning my poor house are just not getting done, not even close!

With the TD looming bigger and bigger as it gets closer to show time, I am scrabbling to get everything dotted and crossed. I am sewing, building and frankly still scratching my head, damn thought I’d have this all figured out by now! Haven’t even looked at a map in over a month…well the course is gonna change anyways right?

Thing is every time I think there will be a free weekend, day off, something wonderful like that, I get suckered in. Guess I used to be such a recluse that now I am trying to make up for it and now I have a hard time saying NO! Coaching one weekend, racing 12 hours on another, planning a new trail another and volunteering to support the Growler just this past Saturday and Sunday has eaten up every spare day I wasn’t at work. Throw in training my poor body and hanging out with my dogs and it is no wonder I don’t sleep much….

I get panic crazy heart racing stress sometimes when I let things get so far out of hand. Thing is I have to just get one thing done at a time and it slowly all gets checked off the list…well I am still not sleeping much….

Yet there were times in my life when I didn’t do much, drank, got stoned, sat around way too much. Sometimes I miss that lackadaisical sort of living, mostly I am happy to have the drive and desire to do more, reach, dream and help out. Feels good to change someones day, make yourself useful and still keep your own dream alive.

blue mesa sunset

blue mesa sunset

After a long weekend of the Gunnison Growler I got out for ride. It was wonderful, cool, dark, mostly quiet and so good for my head. Life is good, but you got to make it happen.

aberdeen at night

aberdeen at night

“When I die, I want to be all used up” Hell Yeahnite ride 5-21-14 006

2 thoughts on “Headless Chicken

  1. Jefe – Great to see your blog but even better to see you in person! Thanks so much for making the morning a hit at Banff Elementary School. Some of the kids plan to come out and see you guys off on Friday at the Grande Depart at the YMCA. I think I’ll take the early bus in from Canmore with my bike and catch the start. The momentum is building and it’s so awesome you’ll be outside for the next few weeks cranking the miles. Of course we’ll be watching you and keeping our fingers crossed that all goes well.
    Lesley Reid
    Banff Elementary School Teacher

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