Last night was my “Friday”. I wasn’t looking to go party, but instead have a little adventure. You know the kind that leaves you drained, sore, tired, maybe even a touch frozen. Not to hard to find really and with a nasty little spring storm blowing in, it was almost guaranteed…so long as I got out the door.

the Lake City Bridge, clogged with tumbleweeds

the Lake City Bridge, clogged with tumbleweeds

I rolled out at 8:PM and headed West as per usual, yet not really sure where my wheels would take me. Next thing I knew I was climbing up 9 mile and decided to ride to Lake City and back.

it was a quiet night in LC

it was a quiet night in LC

The storm abated for almost half the ride. Then a pocket of wind driven snow hit me covering the roads with half frozen slush, soaking my feet and butt. I took a break inside the warm light up post office, ate a soft taco and forced frozen Acli-mate out of my water bottle. I almost wanted to unroll the bivy and take a nap in that warm little haven…but alas I  rolled back out into the wet nastiness and worked my poor legs towards home.stormy night ride 4-26-27-14 017

Again the storm let up for a good while, the roads were mostly dry, the wind not so bad and I tried to push my sorry pace a bit harder. After dropping into Powderhorn the snow came on strong as I crawled up the back side of 9 Mile. The wind was howling, screaming in my face, pelting me with billions upon billions of snow flakes.



With more layers and a bit of a grimace I pedal into the fierce wind determined to get the most out of the downhill. The harder I pedal the harder the wind blows. Cranking with everything I have left and being pushed almost to a stop. Oh got to love 9 Mile, never a free ride, never. The air is filled with big heavy snowflakes. Brittle becomes my flesh, feeling every single one smashing into my cheeks, my forehead. stormy night ride 4-26-27-14 034Once I hit Highway 50 the snow has lightened up and the wind finally works with me and pushes me home. For the last few miles I dream of the all food that I have just finished inhaling. The sky is brightening, the birds are chirping….just another spring day…thanks you Universe, Thank You!

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