X-Mas Blues

Not a huge fan of holidays. I’m no Scrooge, but it just sort of makes me realize how non-mainstream my life is. I don’t spend the time with family, or even friends. Don’t have big romantic plans. There is simply no special light burning for me this time of year. All in all the whole suffocating level of Christmas overload makes me feel a little sick. Still I end up feeling a bit guilty for not participating, for not sending out gifts and cards. Cause I do have folks I care for, love and appreciate. But it doesn’t come to life for me, not here, not now. Not really good at faking it either.

Maybe it is the lack of sunshine, the short days and time spent working out indoors on top of the whole Christmas extravaganza. Leaves me feeling a bit sad, a bit lonely to be honest. Kinda wish I had some of those family, friend and romantic obligations, a desire to participate, to revel in the moment. Instead I might sleep in on the 25th, walk the dog, maybe ski a tiny bit. Drink a little extra coffee. I don’t even have any big work outs to do tomorrow….

Don’t get me wrong, hope everyone has a great day, a great week, but I wish that for everyone everyday, every week. Guess I am not really the holiday type.

Be safe, be thankful, have some fun everyone….. Love You All!

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