Winter, the undeniable beast

Having lived in the Gunnison Valley for over 20 years I have seen many tough winters. They are all hard, seems that winter really is a synonym for harsh, hard, brutal. I know they can also be fun, lovely, down right gorgeous. To me those moments tend to be more fleeting, while the cold reality of this season hangs over my head. In Gunny it is always cold.

wind cold and snow.... undeniable

wind cold and snow…. undeniable

The moment that winter slams the door shut on fall varies from year to year. We got some early snow fall that stuck mostly up high giving the true ski heads plenty to keep them busy. Yet down lower, the sun continued to rise up strong and wonderful, melting snow, warming the air, prolonging the magical period of time one could be outside without fear of losing fingers and toes.It was an awesome fall, rode a ton, hiked the dogs a bunch, glorious really.

glorious, just glorious

glorious, just glorious

the family goes hiking

the family goes hiking

The harshness of winter recently crash landed into my wonderful fall cycling party. I am not one to give up easy and have been fighting to ride the bike outside every chance I could. About a week ago the season switch was thrown. The snow came and didn’t melt, the temperatures dropped and dropped and dropped, the roads became a glazed over with a perfect polished layer of ice. Now it was snow biking or the trainer.

still glorious, just a lot colder

still glorious, just a lot colder

Fact is I love to be outside. Being outside makes me a happier, better, more peaceful person. The days have gotten shorter and shorter, the nicer parts of the day when the sun’s magical light manages to warm the skin, I am usually at work. This is when I start to get that crazy, cabin fever feeling.

my very important fat friend

my very important fat friend

This winter I am aiming not only for keeping myself somewhat sane, but to also come out the other side in better shape than ever before. Nothing worthwhile is easy, there are no exceptions here. Spinning on the trainer this morning I realized there is much of this in store for me in the next 3 to 4 months, that fact is a little heart breaking. To follow the plan, to stay on target, riding the road to nowhere is somewhat unavoidable. Still I need to remind, even force myself to ski more, run a bit, and of course ride the snow bike and hike with the dogs, get outside every chance I get, seek that sunshine anyway I can. It is gonna be an interesting season, hope we can all keep the faith.

come is Fun!

come on…smile…snow is Fun!

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