Woke up late this morning. Not that it mattered as I wasn’t working today, or perhaps it really does matter? Thing is often when I sleep in my motivation evaporates. Poof gone, focus is lost, precious hours slip by under utilized. I tend to squander the day, getting only half the errands I wrote down on my list actually done, putting it all off for another day. The problem is that I feel guilty for not making use of those hours, not being outside pursuing adventure.

I like to think of myself as being self motivated. The pure burning desire from within powering me along my chosen path. I try, I really really try, but the truth is I falter, I slip, I forget what it is I am trying to do and why. So very hard to keep an intense laser focus every day, day after day. Still that is what I expect of myself, stick to the plan, be good, reach for perfection damn it!

All day today I watched the daylight hours, the only semi-warm hours of the day, roll on past me, like I was frozen in time. I did get some stuff done, paid some bills, did laundry, got some groceries, walked the dogs a couple times, cleaned the house. Good deeds, but nothing that satisfies me in the least. As I debated drinking beer instead of doing anything else, I caught the pink fire of an amazing sunset from my window. Suddenly my mind flipped, captivated I stood in awe as the color slowly faded into gray. I immediately went inside and got on the trainer watching Colorado Trail Race videos the whole time. I got off the trainer and did my circuit work out, burning through the reps, making it hurt, breathing hard.


Sometimes we all need some inspiration, outside motivation. If I wasn’t being “coached” and feeling like I “had” to do something today, I would have done jack shit and it that would have weighed heavy on me, bothering me for days. Instead I pushed myself, got the blood pumping, feeling the best I have felt all day. Watching that sunset, even watching some video from the past 7 years of CTR really got inside my head. There is more to do, moments to reach for, limits to push. A whole lot of potential out there to unleash. Huge Thanks to those that are out there, reaching, trying, working, loving and striving for more. I appreciate the love of what we all try to do and blood, sweat and tears it takes to get it done, you are all amazing, you are all my rock, keep on keeping on!

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