Structured Ass Kicking

Tomorrow, November 1st I am taking on a new challenge in my life. I will be starting a structured training program. Yes, I am going to be coached. The information needed to kick my own ass on a daily basis in an effective way will be supplied. I will be doing some weight training, ab and core work. I will be doing intervals, tempo work, sprints. Oh I have looked at the week to come and it is gonna hurt, it is gonna kick my ass all over the map. There has been no coaching in my life since high school cross country, and I was such a slacker….Now I want to see what I can do, given the professional help of some one who know what the hell there are doing. I want this, I want to be stronger, faster, climb better…and then again I am scared.

I am scared to death of structure, of having to do something everyday. Weary of the fact that I have to manage my time more effectively in order to do this. If I do not rise I will disappoint myself and my coach. I will get the “Bathroom Talk”. I want to kick ass, be the best student I can be, I really really do not want to get the “Bathroom Talk”. I want to arrive into next season strong, solid. I want to get to Banff in June, ready to throw down, confident in what I can do, prepared to slay the beast before me.

I like to say I have been training for these big multi-day races, all my life. Tomorrow it ramps up a notch, it takes on a new more serious angle. It could backfire, I could get burnt out, get depressed, drop out of this dream. I could get injured, fatigued. I could get too serious, get cocky, forget what it is all about. It is all possible, shit happens, I am fallible without a doubt. But I don’t doubt my desire, my dreams. With a little help, direction and encouragement I can see a chance to go to a whole new level. I want to see limits pushed even harder, time to seek out this with myself. Easy to dream, harder to live out. Stoked to try, and try hard…..Oh Hell…it is gonna hurt!   

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