Binge Complete…

It is Monday night, my weekend is over. The binge is done, sadly I do not get to dream up some long ass ride to do tomorrow. Instead it is back to work and with a winter storm sweeping in tonight, the trainer might be coming out of storage. More motivation to get out there and crush myself today while I still can.

I had the pleasure of going car camping with the dogs last night. Watching the glorious sunset sitting atop a pile of rocks, drinking beer, sitting around the camp fire, even playing my guitar to accompany the howling coyotes. All while the dogs ran around in circles seeking the unseen slow twitch bunny. (The dogs are still quietly sleeping!) After coffee and breakfast I roll on home determined to get in another good long ride today. While loading up the bike it hit me. I felt tired, my stomach was feeling a bit weird (too many campfire beers?), my head ached. The idea of curling up for a nap rivaled my desire to go ride. Back n forth I wavered, stay, go, stay, go….Ok just GO!

The bike was loaded, lights, water, food, clothes, everything needed to ride for hours. But my body was just weak, every climb felt like a chore, each consecutive climb hurt more. I was forced to walk a few tough spots I always ride, thought about turning around more than a few times. Yet with the knowledge of that winter storm blowing in, knowing damn well there was not much chance to ride for days, just  “Keep eating and drinking, you’ll feel better” By about mile 25 I was feeling better. There was some power back in my legs, still felt a bit off, a bit squirrely here and there, but the doubt was gone, amen!

I rode everywhere out there! Seriously it seems like I should have ridden a 100 miles today, rode Hartman’s, rode Aberdeen 1.5 times, rode around Big Mesa, rode back into and through Hartman’s. I was slow today, maybe that was it. Maybe the GPS missed something, yeah right! Gravity was on high today, I was stuck in low. Still it was great day, traveled some gorgeous country, railed some trail, saw the sunset, felt better on the road home than when I started the ride. Managed 55 miles and 6000′ of climbing, not bad?

The reality is that I wanted to ride farther, faster. Am I perpetually unsatisfied? Maybe? Did drinking too many beers make today more of a chore? Hmmmm, perhaps. Am I driven, but not 100% focused, yes, yes that is me. Will I keep dreaming, scheming, planning and trying?  Sometimes I hope I never stop. Cause you never know till you try. Besides there is always next weekend?!

For those who might want to know, the binge weekend had 237 miles and 19,700′ of climbing….and I have to admit, quite a few beers downed as well

sun, glorious sun

sun, glorious sun

never get tired of this

never get tired of this

another sunset thank you Universe, thank you

another sunset
thank you Universe, thank you

all down hill to Gunny....

all down hill to Gunny….

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