Training, Day 1 & Day 2

training day 2 11-2 005

Yesterday I woke up early. Haven’t done that in weeks and really besides for work, I haven’t bothered to get up at any certain time for, what…maybe months? Well I got up, walked the dogs, then did a bunch of new abdominal exercises, some new leg stuff. Next I went out in the cold dawn morning to do some spin ups on the bike, yep never done those either. All part of the new plan, the new-see-what-is-possible-me. It was all so new I had to read and re-read what I was supposed to be doing over and over before it stuck, before it made sense. Did it all the best I could, a lot of the ab and leg stuff was meant to be done in a gym with special equipment and all. I did it with milk jugs full of water and some old tubes. Then proceeded to go out and spin like crazy in the frigid ass morning on pavement with my singlespeed…yeah gotta love living in the ghetto.

Today I meant to get up early and walk the dogs and ride early before my Mom came to town for a visit. But I left my watch/alarm on my handlebars and didn’t get up with enough time. So instead got up late and did an extended walk with the dogs. Crazy little shits. Hung out with my Mom, ate some Firebrand lunch in the warm sun, drank some coffee, then visited friends with new puppies. Oh My Puppies!

At about 3:20 I got out for my ride. Now remember this whole structured thing is new to me and I have to admit it has taken me off guard with how specific it is. Today was 2.5 hours of riding at 18-25 beats below Lactate Threshold. I kinda sort of know what that means but in practice it was such a learning experience. Right now my only working bike is a Singlespeed. Yeah it is true. I thought…..go ride some easy hills… So I rode out of town and climbed for about 45 minutes, then I came to a downhill. So I rode my brakes and pedaled like mad. Hmmm…..seems to work. Perhaps I should also mention that I do not have or use a heart rate monitor, so I am guessing here what is my perceived exertion. Next thing I bump into someone I know and stop to chat. I am not one to blow someone off for something as silly as perceived exertion so we talk bikes, racing and riding as the sun inches closer to the horizon. The whole time I am thinking about what I am supposed to be doing, what is more important??? Keeping a constant heart rate, or is it being a good person/trail ambassador? Gosh never thought this sort of quandary would hit me, just go ride or train smart? Shit man life just got more complicated…

I take off and run, chasing the setting sun. I go west, dropping down to beaver creek, riding the brakes and pedaling like mad, then climb up the east side of the Aberdeen Loop, hitting the wall, feeling like crap but I keep the pedals spinning always spinning. I opt out and ride the road, the sun is about to drop over the horizon, my Mom is going to pick me up at my house for dinner in 45 minutes and I am roughly 15-20  miles from town. Yikes! Ignoring lactate thresholds and all I bomb down towards MacAbes with my hands freezing in the cooling shadows. I crank the uphills, my legs feeling the structured drain of yesterdays spin ups, squats, pulls and raises. OMG it hurts! Crazy how two days of this has put more hurt into my legs than last weekends binge of miles. Makes me think there is something to this…science of suffering!

I make it home, let the dogs out. clean up, change and am ready before my Mom arrives. We go out and eat some amazing Mexican food at Anejo’s, I love Food and Margaritas! We talk about my training, why and if and what.We talk about racing, the Tour Divide, the CTR. Don’t get to see my Mom that much and she is just awesome, so supportive and positive. A pleasure to get to hang out and talk. Honestly the talk, and the soreness in my legs and sides, has me all jazzed up and excited to give this whole structure, planning and science thing a real chance. To see what is possible with some help, direction and a whole bunch of kicks in the ass! Hold on it is gonna be a interesting ride……

me myself and I

me myself and I

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