Headed Out

This morning I am leaving Gunny to head to Arizona. I am so excited for this time and opportunity, I am getting so close to starting the AZT800 on Thursday. The AZT800 has been on my must do list for 11 years! I just kept putting it off for one reason or another, it is ironic that now that my life is crazy and over filled that I am finally taking it on. I have been in much better shape in my life, but I have a chance to do it, so here I go. This might be the hardest ride I have ever done, that is both exciting and terrifying, not a bad combo really for an adventure.

I am also feeling a lot of other emotions as I pack up my list of things. I will miss my family so much! Oh my it is crazy how much I love them and how special it is to spend so much time laughing and playing together. My daughter is growing and changing everyday and it is going to be wild to be away from her the longest I ever have been while she is evolving so much. I will miss her beyond words. On the other side of things my dog is getting quite frail in his rapidly aging body and I am having a hard time leaving him. Oh it is so hard to hug them all and know I am leaving for two weeks.

All that being said I am looking forward to some time alone. In my everyday I am always putting family, chores, even work before myself. It isn’t always healthy, but it is how I operate. So while I am feeling a lot of mixed emotions, I am also excited to spend two weeks pondering all the things, centering myself, and continuing to evolve as a human. All while trying to cover 830 something miles of Arizona as fast as I can. I am filled with all these feelings and it is a wild ride in of itself, and it feels good to be alive.

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