Dirt and Rocks!

We left Gunny on Saturday to head to Grand Junction, after a long work week and some challenging family time, I wasn’t in the mood for doing anything. But despite my bad head and reservations for going, we packed up and headed to grandma’s house anyways.

I was concerned it would be too muddy, I almost didn’t bring my bike, but I got to ride some dirt, and some packed snow. It wasn’t spring in GJ, but the sun was just warm enough and there was a good bit of dry dirt and of course rocks. While I love riding here in the Gunnison Valley, the riding in GJ is different and awesome. Rock ledges, drops, pinches, hops, so much amazing natural and built rock, makes me feel like an 12 year old again. I love getting shut down on a hard move and trying it over and over, so gratifying, so challenging!

Rachel shredding on her Revel Rascal

Then we got out for another ride the next day with a couple friends. The conditions were almost exactly the same, except I have been riding by myself almost exclusively and it was such a blast to ride with some sweet, fun, good folks that love playing on trails. Damn I miss that sort of normalcy, and it is so simple, just meeting up and riding bikes with a couple friends is the good life!

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