Life is Crazy

Hot damn my life is crazy.

Got married last weekend, its was great. The monsoon pattern tipped just enough in our favor, the sky cleared and we had a lovely ceremony and a great party filled with family and friends. So much good food, lovely people, lots of beer and champagne, and dancing! Such good times!

Since life is back to normal, I mean crazy. Working two jobs, so up at 6:AM one day, 3:AM the next, then 4:AM again and again, 10 hour days, 15 hour days, working so hard it makes my head spin. All those days I come home to baby duty, which is a serious job in of itself. There isn’t much down time, there just isn’t much Time At All. Things like riding my bike, stretching, and sleeping have gotten chomped up and spit out into tiny little slices that sometimes never happen. I am often grumpy, exhausted and stiff as a board. It Is Hard.

I also love my girls so much, and the love is so strong it threads its way into my bones, becoming a part of me. I can’t imagine going back to living my life as selfishly as I once did. Life has changed that is for sure, mostly it is a change that I welcome and embrace, but damn it is hard.

Sometimes the hardest part is trying to do something other than work, baby, and maybe sleep. But I’m not really the type to be ok with just that. I need to try harder to squeeze in bike rides, yoga sessions(even if just a few minutes), dog walks, and also still dreaming some dreams! I’ve had dark moments when I though about giving up on big bike rides, races and the Loopy Loop, but I have to keep trying to make it all happen. Even if sleeping gets sacrificed, I’m not gonna just eat, sleep, work.

So the Loopy Loop is still on, still August 31st at 4:AM in Gunny. I might not get the routes perfectly mapped and GPS’ed, I might not be able to flash the route as I wanted, but we are on. The routes are sweet, brutal slices of Gunny High Country. I’m so excited, hope some of you are too. So much gorgeous terrain, amazing trails, and so much ass kicking, its gonna be damn crazy good times!



2 thoughts on “Life is Crazy

  1. Hi Jefe, I’m a complete stranger but just wanted to say how happy I am for you, with the latest blog post that you have all these great things going on your life. Even though life is still tough and it sometimes feel like you struggle even more as life goes on, its good to stand back and also realize how lucky you are and all the good things that you do have. Last year I came across your blog and actually went back and read the whole thing within a matter of a few weeks and can definitely say that I relate to a lot of what you have written about, all the ups and downs, but in the end, if you have great people around you and a family of your own that supports you then thats the most important thing, and hopefully everything else works out for the best. I had a little girl of my own 7 months ago and although the riding time has to take a back seat, you wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Being a dad becomes your new endurance sport to get obsessed with!
    All the best.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words! I do appreciate my life and all the changes, but it is hard! A change of perspective always helps. Ironically riding my bike, even for just an hour really helps me get my head on straight and puts me back in the positive. Thanks again for reading, take care! Jefe

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