Sub 24

A couple weeks ago I managed to grow leg over a bike and ride around the block. At first my brain was convinced that it was ON, time to start riding again! The reality is I can ride for 15 minutes before my hand gets tired and stops hanging on. Ok baby steps, baby steps…Thing is that all these baby steps have been diving me crazy. I need to do something! Luckily Rach saw the need for action and suggested we go camping. Somehow I transformed that idea into a quick sub 24 backpacking trip.


We drove till we found some mixed snow and dirt and then walked back into the woods just far enough to be out of sight of the road. After setting up camp we did a couple walks around the neighborhood, exploring this new spot, enjoying the spring air.

The day was wonderful. Warm sun and a slight breeze, plenty of dry ground to walk on as well as significant snow for the dogs to party in. We walked till the dogs got tired. Then we cooked, made sweet little fire and shared a bit of whiskey watching the sun go down and stars begin to pop.



We slept well, got up, made breakfast and coffee, feed the dogs and slowly broke camp. After sweeping camp clean, we strolled on back to the little blue van and made our way home. Quick, Simple and Easy!

What a difference a little trip to the woods and some time under the stars can do. No objectives, no goals, no destinations. Just to be outside with the sun, moon, stars, the grass, trees and mountains was a very powerful reminder of what is important.

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