Wookies Don’t Quit


Wanted to shout out to everyone in my life. Near and far, familiar and maybe never have met. People can do awful things and we all see and feel the effects of that everyday. People are also full of energy, light, ideas, beauty, love and encouragement. It is easy forget the latter when it feels like we are against the wall.

My perspective shifted big time this weekend. I felt pressed hard against a wall. I felt alone and overwhelmed by the task of getting healthy and getting out of debt. In that moment of desperation I thought I’d just sell the only things I own that are worth a damn, my bikes. Well seems the people in my life heard this, did not agree and responded. Within 24 hours enough money was raised to cover a good bit of my current medical bills. This generosity was enough to make me tear up, but the comments people left made me openly sob.

I am so touched, so awakened, and so empowered by this. No joking, no BS, I am taking this outpouring of energy and going forward with it. This has proven to me that what I do, does matter, that the extra mile is worth doing, that being nice, generous and forgiving is noticed. I’m looking forward to helping more and more in the future in bigger and bigger ways. This is real, this is going to happen.

Once again, I feel blessed and grateful beyond words. So much love to all!

This morning as I wondered about making coffee, getting the laundry started, I found an old picture of my Wiley dog. I had written some encouragement on the back to take along on my 2011 Tour Divide.  Funny how we can come full circle and find our own words to be such pointed statements.


If anyone needs some advice, a bit of love or some inspiration, please let me know, I’d like to be here for you…

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