living and learning


I am so used to burning the candle that comes with too many ideas, too many rides left to do, too many races still in my head. I have to admit I thrived on all that work, planning and dreaming that makes it all happen. My usual condition of one more thing to do, has been muddled and confused.


This present state of less than 100% has kicked my ass. Mentally it has crushed me. The past few months I feel like I have been pulling back on everything that has made me tick in the past. The passion for riding, racing and pushing boundaries has been so instrumental in keeping me moving forward, staying positive, and focused, has been subdued.

Still I keep trying…and finding light!


Despite the aching pain that shoots through my hand and up into my arm, I keep getting out there and riding. In fact I have been riding a day or two more every week. It is simply amazing how good it feels to be out there. Swishing through the single track, jumping over rocks, pumping the rollers. Bike riding is so damn good for me!


The magic of all this is when I stop thinking about what I can’t do(right now), I am so happy to be riding at all. So stoked to be out there in this amazing world, with my wonderful friends, riding awesome bikes on fantastic trails. It is beyond words how great it is.


Bottom line is I am still living and learning. Every time we get up out of bed and take on the day, we win. It is something I forget easily and need to experience to remember. That and not everyday do we get to climb a mountain, or go on an epic ride, or set a record. Life sometimes kicks us in the teeth and we have to recover and regroup, but we should never give up!



Get out there any way you can. Live, Love, and Be Good!!!



3 thoughts on “living and learning

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  2. “Every day we get out of bed and take on a day, we win.” Couldn’t be better said. I’m going through life changes that are kicking me in the teeth and I constantly doubt myself, but no truer words can be said than your quote here. Much thanks and peace.

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